1. Can I re-use my Face Lace?

If it has gone over clean skin, (without make-up) and you have put it back on the backing sheet after wearing, you should be able to wear it more than once.

2. Can I use Face Lace over make up (foundation, eye shadow, etc)

Yes you can, although we recommend for better results to use over clean skin with minimal make up.

Many primers and Beauty Balms have silicon in their formulations.  This wonderful ingredient, that gives very effective slip to makeup for smoother finishes and better blending is, unfortunately, not very good in combination with our Face Lace adhesive.

If you use a primer or BB that contains silicon it may affect the reuse of your design.

3. What do I do if it gets tangled up?

If one tiny section gets stuck to another, you can get a toothpick or something else thin and pointy and pry the stuck bits apart, the laces are quite strong. if you pick the stuck bits apart slowly the laces won’t break. Please refer to the drawings on the instruction sheet. If it gets completely glued together, contact us.

4. What to do if the Lace won’t lay flat on my skin

You may have some tiny section stuck together, please check with the illustration of the design on the instruction sheet, then pick apart the glued section. You may also have tiny folds if a large design is put over a browbone of deep set eyes.

5. What if my eyes are really small or large?

You can make small adjustments in the positioning as shownFace•Lace - Different eye placements

6. What is the adhesive used in Face Lace

The Adhesive is a hypoallergenic medical adhesive, which has been used for several decades, and has been approved for cosmetic use. Although you should be careful not to get the Face Lace in your eye, or ingest it.

7. How and Where do I apply the Eye Laces?

click on the picture to enlarge

8. Can I have a special design custom-made for me?

Yes Face Lace would love to design something special for you, please contact us through the website.

9. Are there any colours other than black available?

All Eye laces come in black finish.  Masks and Demi-veils have 3 different finishes:  black, white and satin gold.  Except the Renaissance Mask which only comes in black and satin gold.  We also have the range of Faux Suede Masks in Forest Green and Imperial Purple and the Festival Designs in Sky, Sea and Rainbow.

10. Do Face Lace designs come as a pair?

All Eye Laces, Eye Lace Minis and Eye Lace Doddles come as a pair, one for each eye.   Mehndoodles Masks and Demi-Veils come as one piece.  Playsheets are 50 individual shapes to create your own design.

11. I made an order today when should I expect to receive it?

UK customers

We endeavour to process online orders within 24 hours, Monday to Friday (exc Bank Holidays).Estimated delivery to the UK is 2-4 working days (Mon-Fri excl. Bank Holidays).Once your order has been dispatched you will receive a confirmation email.  If you have any questions contact us at info@face-lace.com.All orders made using DHL domestic express (for delivery on the next available business day) should be made Monday to Friday by  2pm.  Any orders made on Friday by 2pm, will be deliver on the next working day, normally Monday (excluding bank holidays).

International customers:

All internationally shipped items are subject to customs checks and potential charges. Each countries customs arrangements are different. Please be aware we are not liable for charges levied or delay of items held at customs.Legally we are obligated to mark all international shipments with the true value of the goods. If your item is a gift, although we can remove the value from the delivery note, we cannot from the shipment’s customs information on the package.Please be aware we only process international orders Monday to Friday, due to DHL working service.  All orders made using DHL Worldwide express should be made Monday to Friday by  2pm.  Any orders made on Friday by 2pm, will be deliver on the next working day, normally Monday (excluding bank holidays).

12. I need my order deliver ASAP what service should I use?

All our UK customers have 2 options for delivery service, First Class via Royal Mail which can take from 2 to 4 days to deliver, from the moment of dispatch and excluding weekends and bank holidays.  This service is not tracked.  
Or, Domestic Express via DHL which guarantees next day delivery, from the moment of dispatch and excluding weekends and bank holidays.  This service is tracked and DHL emails you the moment it leaves our premises.All international orders are sent using DHL worldwide express, delivery times vary depending on the country zone you are ordering from.  For more details please check our Delivery section online.

13. Do you offer discount to professional make up artists?

Unfortunately we do not have an artist discount per say.  We do offer a discount to all customers purchasing online, 5% off for orders between 3 to 6 units, and 10% off from 7 units and above.

14.  How do I know I am buying Genuine Face Lace?

Genuine Face Lace is not made or sold from China.  It is only produced in the UK by Face Lace Limited.  Only the Stockists listed here on our website are authorised to sell Face Lace.  We do not sell on Ebay or any other international trading site.  Face Lace made and hand finished in our London Studio. It is of an exceptionally high quality and we will not hesitate to endeavour to stop anyone selling imitations of our products, in the UK or Internationally.  If you have seen ‘Face Lace’ being sold anywhere else please get in contact with us (info@face-lace.com) and let us know.

15. How can I become a retailer?

First of all we would like to thank you for your interest in carrying our products. Please contact us at info@face-lace.com.  We will be happy to send you a copy of our terms and also our wholesale range.

 16. Do you offer wholesale prices to individuals?

Yes we do offer wholesale prices to some individuals.  Please email us at  
info@face-lace.com so we can look into your request.

17. Can I exchange an item I bought on your online shop?

Unfortunately we can not exchange any products that have already been ordered.

18. I changed my mind and want to return my order, can I get a refund?

Yes you can.  You have 30 days from the date your order has been placed to send it back to us (please ensure you use a reliable service to do so).Once we receive it, and given that it is in perfect condition and the packaging has not been damaged, we will then refund you the money for your order, deducting the cost of postage.

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