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Be your own nightclubbing part-leopard, part-human: glamorous, grotesque and 100% spectacular. Made with our own dazzle material, overlaid with black glitter vinyl.

Renesque Mask


An elegant Face Lace Mask with a design that looks like lace but is, in fact, an interconnection of humans turning into foliage and animals transforming into human form.

Mermortal Single


Adorn either the left- or right side of your face. Please specify in the Order Notes for which side of the face you would like to purchase (left hand side or right hand side).

Mermortal Double


This design is based on the most enduring of all mythical grotesque figures: the mermaid. Included are 12 dazzle-material fish scales to create gorgeous highlighting effects.



Inspired by Swiss artist, H.R. Giger, known for combining human and mechanical forms. Made from matte black vinyl overlaid with silver holographic to create a jewel-effect.



Inspired by the raven’s gothic shapeshifting qualities: messenger, creator, symbol of warfare and trickster. Made from matte black vinyl with an overlay of black glitter vinyl.

Mariposa 1


Our collaboration with Vanessa Davis. Made with our matte black vinyl laid over our Dazzle material with the addition of premium, sparkling crystals for a truly spectacular effect. 

Mariposa 2


Our collaboration with Vanessa Davis. This version is made with our matte black vinyl overlaid onto our Dazzle material which shines like brilliant jewellery in the light.



Our dazzle-material is made from many layers of holographic material and possess a reflective quality only surpassed by precious jewels. Each sheet contains 50 stars.




Snugly fitting the curves of your face, these dazzling dots are made from holographic material. One sheet contains enough shapes for at least four faces.




Made up of compressed layers of transparent holographic sheets, it reflects like nothing you’ve seen before: like you’re wearing diamonds on your lids.




A combination of the good luck charms of the seahorse, the magic of a unicorn and the transformative powers of a butterfly, wrapped in a swirl of clouds and stars.

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