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Skulltra Set


Face, hand and neck. Put together it is truly spectacular – like jewellery. Made with our Dazzle Material and shadow accents of matte black.

Skulltra Face


Made with our Dazzle Material and shadow accents of matte black with more space around the eyes for you to add your own unique touches.

Lord of the Wings


The dark side and spotlight-chic combined. Made with our matte black vinyl and covered with our super-sparkly pale silver glitter.

Eyes: Swirlyqueue


The fanciful movement of the lines in Swirlyqueue are appealing but have also been carefully designed to flatter the eyes. Inspired by an era when handwriting was an art form.

Eyes: Burlesque 1


Black. These tantalizing Eye Laces were inspired by the plumes of ostrich and peacock feathers used by Burlesque dancers at the infamous Folies Bergère.

Eyes: Fleurty


Combining the delicacy of florals with the gracefulness of wrought iron masterpieces from the second half of the 19th century, this design dramatically enhances the eyes.

Face: MehndoodleFace: Mehndoodle

Face: Mehndoodle


Mehndoodle is a combination of Eastern and Western ornamentation. It is designed to be worn around the side of the eye and accentuate the cheekbone.

Mini Swirlyqueue


Inspired by the pirouetting lines of artful 19th century calligraphy, this smaller version of Swirlyqueue is very easy to wear and a good choice for a more subtle Face Lace design.

Brows: Gun Metal


Dark silver, high-gloss brows that are easy to apply and simple to peel off. Available in Gun Metal Silver, Dappled Gold and Golden Peacock. Three pairs in one pack.



Magic around the eyes: inspired by the stars and sunbeams of Sacred Geometry and made from our black-glitter vinyl that sparkles in sunshine.



A plain sheet of our Dazzle material. Available as a single sheet, packet of three sheets or packet of five. Create your own design!



Our dazzle-material, made from layers of holographic material, has a reflective quality only surpassed by precious jewels. 50 stars per sheet.

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