The deadline for cruelty

You may not know that most independent beauty brands are created by private-label companies. Private-label companies are large manufacturers that produce many products for many brands. Someone [...]

Doing the right thing

Coming soon: our brand-new tutorial video on how to use Face Lace products.

High gloss

Read the new interview with Phyllis Cohen on Phyllis talks to Judy Johnson about lunch, her work-life, staying organised and what she loves about her job!

Back to the Drawing Board

I have had this drawing board for 30 years. It has moved with me to five different homes. Before I moved to the UK I also had one LA. I have always worked on drawing tables as an illustrator, [...]

Creative collaboration

One of the wonderful results I hadn't anticipated when I started Face Lace was how it might lead me to collaborate and be inspired by other makeup artists (MUAs). My good friend, Jo Phillips, [...]

Mind-blowing in minutes

If you consider yourself an adventurous beauty addict that is seeking the next exciting fashion thrill, then you are sharing the vision of our founder, Phyllis Cohen. Now, you too, can adorn your [...]

The birth of Face Lace

I was someone who resisted the idea of setting up my own company for decades. I made feeble efforts to collaborate with other people in the beauty business, but that left me at the mercy of their [...]

The art of being a make-up artist

I have been a make-up artist for 30 years and, for me, it was the perfect career choice. The challenges are travel, keeping your make-up kit organised and knowing how to adapt a look for [...]


Applying Face Lace products is easy and quick. Simply peel off the Face Lace design you want to wear and put it in place. Face Lace products can be applied over make-up but, for best results, [...]