About Face Lace Peel off, stick on and show off! Turn every face into a masterpiece with our exquisitely intricate designs that couldn't be easier to use. The concept of Face Lace emerged from a professional need and artistic challenge to create elaborate makeup designs which could be applied in a few seconds, look precise, symmetrical and stay perfect until they came off. After launching in 2012, Face Lace became an immediate favourite among makeup artists and members of the general public wanting dramatic, but fool-proof, makeup results quickly. It has been used for quick changes on some of the most popular TV show such as Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor, and The Voice. Creative, show-stopping entertainers such as Lady Gaga, Paloma Faith, and Nicole Scherzinger have worn Face Lace. Since 2012 Face Lace has often made waves on social media and has also been worn on the catwalks during London Fashion Week. Time Out magazine listed wearing Face Lace as one of the essential elements for Halloween-lovers. NEWSLETTER About Phyllis Cohen Phyllis Cohen started her career as a Fashion Illustrator. Whilst attending the prestigious Art Centre College in California, her dramatic style caught the attention of fashion photography students who encouraged her to do makeup for their photo shoots.  Upon completion of her illustration course, she graduated with two portfolios: one for makeup and one for illustration. When Phyllis arrived in London (1982) the New Romantics embraced her colourful, illustrative makeup style. The fashion world followed suit, and for most of the 80s the fashion-pack turned to Phyllis when anything cutting-edge or artistic was needed. Her fans included Annie Lennox, David Bowie, Tina Turner, and Janet Jackson. In the 90s Phyllis returned to art college to follow a more serious approach to art and the beauty of the human face. She has written for many publications on the changing nature of beauty and different perspectives on how we now perceive a more inclusive concept of beauty than before. Phyllis is still greatly in demand as a fashion makeup artist and has recently worked with Pharrell Williams and Kylie Minogue. Phyllis puts her vast experience into every design she creates for her Face Lace range. Each piece starts out as a unique artwork meticulously researched from different eras and cultures of decorative arts. Phyllis loves what she does and has a passionate team of makeup artists and artists who work closely with her. Early Career Celebrities Editorial Bespoke

We have completed many bespoke projects for celebrities, films, TV shows, and events.

The starting price for bespoke work is £250. This will include four repeats of the agreed design, if a Mask, and eight copies, if the design is an eye lace. If further copies are required we negotiate this separately, once we determine a cost price for the unique design.

If the bespoke request is a small variation on an existing design, we may be able to offer a small reduction on the design fee. Extra materials such as Swarovski crystals will be added onto the price, once the design has been agreed.

Our Bespoke clients include: The British Library, Selfridges, Neil Hughes productions, Dutch National Ballet, designers for London and New York Fashion Week. Bespoke projects for many Pro Makeup Artists including  Sarah Tanno, Erika La Pearl, LotStar, Andrew Gallimore,Vanessa Davies – the Wigs and Makeup Manager, Marco Antonio, Adam Burrell, Michael Antony, Heidi North, Donniella Davy, Kandee Johnson, Ciara O Shea, Lisa Eldridge, Lan Nyguyen, and Bea Sweet.


“I have been collaborating with Phyllis for years. She is an artist that lives and breathes what she does. I can call Phyllis at any hour with a vision and we have the best time coming up with things together. Face Lace has been part of some of my most iconic moments like the Super Bowl Half Time show with Lady Gaga. If I need something unique Phyllis is my favorite to work with. She just gets it.”

Sarah Tanno Celebrity Makeup Artist

“Celebrities, royalty and the fashion forward want something beautiful, fresh and quality for their guests at their parties. Phylis and her lovely team have supplied me with hundreds of bespoke masks and face-lace products, that my clients and their guests alike have adored. As well as being visually stunning designs they are also quick and easy to use, they can be applied in 90 seconds to upgrade a classic simple dress into a gorgeous head turning look.”

Neil Hughes Neil Hughes Productions

“Collaboration with Face Lace has been a fantastic one over the years merging quick application in makeup and creativity. I’m very proud for all the amazing looks we have created together over fashion weeks and shoots and look forward to many more.”

Lan Nguyen-Grealis International High Fashion & Celebrity Makeup Artist

MU Andrew Gallimore photo by @rankinarchive for @hungermagazine Styling by @kim_howells Hair by @bethkucic nails by @robbietomkins  
"I’ve always been a huge fan of Phyllis’s work and therefore a huge fan of Face Lace. When I met Phylllis, we kept trying to find opportunities to work together, so when I had the idea for a futuristic beauty shoot, for which I wanted it to have some chrome embellishments, it seemed finally, the perfect opportunity to collaborate.
Phyllis was an absolute joy to work with. It was an amazing experience to see her process and just to sit and figure out the piece together (and have a good chat) She realised the idea I had in my head so well, and when I applied the piece for the shoot, it was perfect...so perfect we used the black version too!"

Andrew Gallimore

NEWSLETTER Media Face Lace has been relied on for many creative projects for celebrities and fashion collaborations, These images and films show a glimpse into the backstage and big screen uses of Face Lace. Nothing else works as efficiently as Face Lace to apply and remove quick-change ornate, perfect makeup looks for stage, screen, catwalk and everyday life. Blog Gallery NEWSLETTER
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