Made up of compressed layers of transparent holographic sheets, it reflects like nothing you’ve seen before: like you’re wearing diamonds on your lids.

Zig Zag LinerZig Zag Liner

Zig Zag Liner


Sold in a set of two different designs on one sheet: Zig Zag Cut Crease Liner 1 and Zig Zag Cut Crease Liner 2. Black glitter material on Dazzle material.

Lasso Liner


Sold in a set of two different designs on one sheet: Lasso Cut Crease Liner 1 and Lasso Cut Crease Liner 2. Very elegant and very striking!

Lord of the Wings


The dark side and spotlight-chic combined. Made with our matte black vinyl and covered with our super-sparkly pale silver glitter.

Eyes: Swirlyqueue


The fanciful movement of the lines in Swirlyqueue are appealing but have also been carefully designed to flatter the eyes. Inspired by an era when handwriting was an art form.

Eyes: Burlesque 1


Black. These tantalizing Eye Laces were inspired by the plumes of ostrich and peacock feathers used by Burlesque dancers at the infamous Folies Bergère.

Eyes: Fleurty


Combining the delicacy of florals with the gracefulness of wrought iron masterpieces from the second half of the 19th century, this design dramatically enhances the eyes.

Starway 2 Heaven


Starway 2 Heaven celebrates rock ‘n roll style. A constellation of stars across the eyes recalls the heady days of 70’s stadium rock.

Eyes: Lattice wings


Part super-hero, part venetian mask, totally seductive. Feel mysterious yet empowered. The fine latticework frames the eye with a shading effect.




The elegance of a butterfly with the nightmarish skeleton of a bat: a “beauty and the beast” design. Wear it with the larger part of the design on the top or the bottom of the eye.




Inspired by the raven’s gothic shapeshifting qualities: messenger, creator, symbol of warfare and trickster. Made from matte black vinyl with an overlay of black glitter vinyl.

Cat Fight


A more feral variation of our very successful Lasso Liner. Made with our famous Dazzle material and framed with sparkly black glitter.

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