OUT OF STOCKBatterflyBatterfly



The elegance of a butterfly with the nightmarish skeleton of a bat: a “beauty and the beast” design. Wear it with the larger part of the design on the top or the bottom of the eye.




Inspired by the raven’s gothic shapeshifting qualities: messenger, creator, symbol of warfare and trickster. Made from matte black vinyl with an overlay of black glitter vinyl.

OUT OF STOCKEyes: Lace Wings 1Eyes: Lace Wings 1

Eyes: Lace Wings 1


Perfect for a masquerade or elegant soirée, this design comes in a black faux-leather vinyl. This product comes with extra adhesive shapes for multiple use.

Cat Fight


A more feral variation of our very successful Lasso Liner. Made with our famous Dazzle material and framed with sparkly black glitter.

OUT OF STOCKEyes: OpTartEyes: OpTart

Eyes: OpTart


Black with silver. Enhance your eyes with this radiating pattern inspired by the abstract shapes of optical illusion and iconic artists of the 60-70’s.



The Starantula tendrils fall gently over the cheek like a waterfall of lashes. Inspired by a picture of the legendary 60s muse, Verushka.

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