Lisa’s stars


These stars are made from our matt black material and are exactly the same as those used in the film Dumbo.

Rapturose Silver


Four beautiful and intricate rose designs in very pale sparkly, silver glitter which compliments all skin tones. Can be used on the face or body.

OUT OF STOCKRapturose BlackRapturose Black

Rapturose Black


A set of four intricate rose designs in black, to be worn on your face and/or body. A caress of understated elegance inspired by floral beauty. Can be repositioned.

Decorsage Pale Blue


Inspired by the Art Nouveau artist, Alphonse Muchas, this design combines three layers of black matte, a pale mirror gold, and matte baby-blue materials.

Decorsage Red and Pink


Inspired by the Art Nouveau artist, Alphonse Muchas, this design combines three layers of matte black, hammered gold and matte pink with red.

Face: Iridisa


A set of abstract wings, inspired by the gossamer beauty of butterfly wings. Can be worn around the eyes in symmetry or together on one side of the face.

Thorn Star


A bit witchy and a bit spiky. With dashes of Rock Star, but totally glam! Black glitter finish with AB green gems with purple/blue colour shifts.



The stuff of legends comes as top and bottom pieces that overlap at the outer corners. Black glitter material with yellow and red gems.

OUT OF STOCKSkulltra SetSkulltra Set

Skulltra Set


Face, hand and neck. Put together it is truly spectacular – like jewellery. Made with our Dazzle Material and shadow accents of matte black.

Face: MehndoodleFace: Mehndoodle

Face: Mehndoodle


Mehndoodle is a combination of Eastern and Western ornamentation. It is designed to be worn around the side of the eye and accentuate the cheekbone.



Our dazzle-material, made from layers of holographic material, has a reflective quality only surpassed by precious jewels. 50 stars per sheet.




These dazzling dots, made of holographic material, fit the curves of your face. One sheet contains enough shapes for at least four faces.

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