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Pretty cubist futurism -now there’s a category! This design is super flattering and elegantly graphic.

Whirl Cool


Part Art Nouveau, part industrial chic, total cat eye sleek. Whirl Cool is very wearable and flattering.



A super-feline swoop made from our lumina-awsome material, combined with our fine black glitter material.

Flash Glance


High voltage eyeliner design inspired by comic “Kapows” & lightning bolts; this makes it spectacular in daylight & clubs.



Made from our lumin-awesome material that emanates all colours, like raindrops of a rainbow.

Black Sweep


For an instant, on-trend statement eye, this underliner appliqué couldn’t be easier. Inspired by the catwalk trends.

Shooting Stars


Made from our black glitter material, these simple stars are so pretty on, we thought, why not give you two sets?

Dazzle Underliners


3 sets of mini underliners and 3 sets of extra long underliners, for an exciting dramatic look in seconds.

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