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Lisa’s stars


These stars are made from our matt black material and are exactly the same as those used in the film Dumbo.



A super-feline swoop made from our lumina-awsome material, combined with our fine black glitter material.

Flash Glance


High voltage eyeliner design inspired by comic “Kapows” & lightning bolts; this makes it spectacular in daylight & clubs.

OUT OF STOCKRaydropsRaydrops



Made from our lumin-awesome material that emanates all colours, like raindrops of a rainbow.

Black Sweep


For an instant, on-trend statement eye, this underliner appliqué couldn’t be easier. Inspired by the catwalk trends.

OUT OF STOCKShooting StarsShooting Stars

Shooting Stars


Made from our black glitter material, these simple stars are so pretty on, we thought, why not give you two sets?

Dazzle Underliners


3 sets of mini underliners and 3 sets of extra long underliners, for an exciting dramatic look in seconds.

OUT OF STOCKSpikelihoodSpikelihood



Made of five different layers of dazzle material set onto different backings to get vivid colourful variations of tones and shines.




Made up of compressed layers of transparent holographic sheets, it reflects like nothing you’ve seen before: like you’re wearing diamonds on your lids.

OUT OF STOCKZig Zag LinerZig Zag Liner

Zig Zag Liner


Sold in a set of two different designs on one sheet: Zig Zag Cut Crease Liner 1 and Zig Zag Cut Crease Liner 2. Black glitter material on Dazzle material.

Lasso Liner


Sold in a set of two different designs on one sheet: Lasso Cut Crease Liner 1 and Lasso Cut Crease Liner 2. Very elegant and very striking!

Masks: Beauroque Veil Black


Black. This A-lister favourite was inspired by the complex scrolling and floral motifs of the Baroque era. This design can be worn either way up and is also available in satin gold.

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