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Our dazzle-material is made from many layers of holographic material and possess a reflective quality only surpassed by precious jewels. Each sheet contains 50 stars.



Snugly fitting the curves of your face, these dots are made from holographic material. One sheet contains enough shapes for at least four faces.



A combination of the good luck charms of the seahorse, the magic of a unicorn and the transformative powers of a butterfly, wrapped in a swirl of clouds and stars.



With its flattering, radiating lines, this playful facial jewellery reflects a dash of mystical lunar phases and is influenced by the stunning artistry of crop circles.



Inspired by the stars and sunbeams of Sacred Geometry and made from our beautiful, black-glitter vinyl that sparkles spectacularly in sunshine.

Musetress 5


An artistic depiction of symbols associated with the Roman goddesses. Hand-crafted and crystallised in London. Can be worn with false eye lashes.

Beauroque 5


Black, embellished with premium quality crystals and inspired by the scrolling and floral motifs of the Baroque era. Can be worn with false eye lashes.

OUT OF STOCKRomanesque 2Romanesque 2

Romanesque 2


Dragons and mythical beings grace the elegant architectural lines of this design. Gold-based with black glitter detail. Handcrafted in London.

Romanesque Mask


Inspired by the window tracery of Glastonbury Cathedral and the Romanesque architecture of Norman England. Dragons and mythical beings grace this design.

Rapturose Black


A set of four delicate black roses to be worn on face and/or body. A caress of understated elegance inspired by floral beauty and romance.



Made up of compressed layers of transparent holographic sheets, it reflects like nothing you’ve seen before: like you’re wearing diamonds on your lids.