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Brows: Gun Metal


Dark silver, high-gloss brows that are easy to apply and simple to peel off. Available in Gun Metal Silver, Dappled Gold and Golden Peacock. Three pairs in one pack.



Our dazzle-material, made from layers of holographic material, has a reflective quality only surpassed by precious jewels. 50 stars per sheet.




These dazzling dots, made of holographic material, fit the curves of your face. One sheet contains enough shapes for at least four faces.

Romanesque Mask


Inspired by the window tracery of Glastonbury Cathedral and the Romanesque architecture of Norman England. Mythical beings grace this design.

OUT OF STOCKStarway 2 HeavenStarway 2 Heaven

Starway 2 Heaven


Starway 2 Heaven celebrates rock ‘n roll style. A constellation of stars across the eyes recalls the heady days of 70’s stadium rock.

OUT OF STOCKDazzlescalesDazzlescales



These dazzling scales, made of holographic material, are designed to fit the curves of your face. You get 88 mermaid scales on each sheet. 

Eyes: Lattice wings


Part super-hero, part venetian mask, totally seductive. Feel mysterious yet empowered. The fine latticework frames the eye with a shading effect.

Day of the Dead Rosa


Rosa, black. Inspired by the exuberant array of Sugar Skull designs, Face Lace has created an assemblage of filigree pieces that can be used in total or in part.

Day of the Dead Baroque


Made with matte black and a hammered gold overlay to create a lavish effect. Inspired by the extravagance of the Baroque Era.

OUT OF STOCKMariposaMariposa



Our collaboration with Vanessa Davis. This version is made with our matte black vinyl overlaid onto our Dazzle material which shines like brilliant jewellery in the light.

OUT OF STOCKBatterflyBatterfly



The elegance of a butterfly with the nightmarish skeleton of a bat: a “beauty and the beast” design. Wear it with the larger part of the design on the top or the bottom of the eye.




Inspired by the raven’s gothic shapeshifting qualities: messenger, creator, symbol of warfare and trickster. Made from matte black vinyl with an overlay of black glitter vinyl.

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